netbanking helpLogin

By entering the internet address you come to the netbanking overview screen. On this screen you can see the login-button at the left area on the screen. If you click the login-button, you come to the netbanking-login screen.

Logging in to netbanking is performed on the netbanking login screen by user number and your personal netbanking password by clicking Login.

During login the bank will NEVER ask for other Information than your user number and your netbanking password. Meaning the bank will never ask for TAN, cardTAN or TAC-SMS or other personal data while logging in.


Please be aware that the netbanking address has to be displayed correctly in the browser’s address field!

Your browser’s address field on the login page and during the netbanking session

  • has to show the netbanking address beginning with …
  • and has to be encrypted.
                   This can be identified by a closed lock symbol or with Firefox by a green highlighted address field.

Screen examples of the correct display with the different web browsers can be downloaded as pdf-file here.

Before you login into netbanking you can change the language to English. The chosen language remains active for the duration of the netbanking session and overrules the language setting, that you might have set in my netbanking. By default the language is set to German.

If you have locked your access, we would kindly ask you to contact your bank advisor directly or call the helpdesk of the 24h Service at

+ 43 (0) 5 0100 + sortcode of your bank